Management of supply projects

We get involved in all stages of implementation of a project. In the pre-project stage, the companyʼs specialists identify what solutions may be necessary for your project and offer specific solutions, bringing reliable material suppliers into the process. We can offer professional and punctual partners, capable of performing installation works. In the post-construction stage of registering the site, we provide all necessary documentation and documents proving the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.


We seek to ensure the timely and expeditious delivery of goods to clients:

  • Order goods before 5 p.m. and get free next day shipping!*
  • Delivery of goods at the central warehouse is carried out until 7 p. m.;
  • Fast delivery area;
  • Possibility to create a warehouse for dedicated items on clients’ premises.

* The order must exceed 50 EUR

Storage of goods

We give the client an opportunity to store goods in the clientʼs own storage area. For that purpose, the companyʼs experts create a basket of dedicated goods in the clientʼs facilities according to the clientʼs needs. The client is given the opportunity by means of bar code scanner to perform tracking of goods and to conveniently monitor the inventory of goods remaining in the storage area, and to prepare reports on the movement of goods, automatically replenishing the inventory of goods in the storage area from the SLO Lithuania central warehouse. We can adapt the clientʼs facilities for the clientʼs storage needs (installation of shelving, a safe internet connection etc.).

We also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Cable trimming;
  • Cable selection;
  • Transportation;
  • Measurement;
  • Remote (off-site) storage of cables;
  • Keeping of minimal quantities of cable according to the clientʼs needs.

Packaging services

We design electrical panels, organise the assembly and prepare the necessary technical documentation.

According to the clientʼs needs, we design electrical installation columns by selecting an individualised solution, including the production of the installation column(s), delivery to the site, installation in the building and preparation of the documentation.


Taking into consideration the specific aspects of the buildingʼs structure and the clientʼs needs, we provide consultations to the client when selecting electrical installation products and solutions.

We advise on questions of selection of electrical and automation products, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and urgent warehouse and logistical solutions.

Taking into consideration the latest legislation and regulations that have come into force in the Republic of Lithuania as well as the technical requirements of ESO, TELIA and LITGRID, we provide consultations to clients on questions of selection of installations, power and telecommunications cables and accessories.

After evaluating the requirements set for various sites in the areas of lighting quality and effectiveness as well as efficiency, we design, calculate and supply lighting solutions.

Implementation, design and maintenance of smart systems

  • Design of smart home systems;
  • Selection of equipment meeting the needs of the client;
  • Start-up/fine-tuning and programming works for the system;
  • Project and post-project maintenance.


We regularly organise training and workshops for clients. During such events, the latest production and solutions of our suppliers are presented. This year, we started workinhg together with UAB Mokymų Organizavimo Grupė, which recognises participation in seminars with official certificates. For energy-sector employees who have the relevant licence granting the right to perform the functions of a supervisor of works, this official certificate counts as continuing professional education and adds to the accumulated number of hours of professional qualifications.

Apart from traditional seminars, each spring we bring together a large group of like-minded electrical specialists in one of the largest electrical-orientated exhibitions, SLO Electricity. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see the most innovative electrical products made in Lithuania and in the world, and to meet with the main participants in the market. During SLO Electricity, guests can visit participantsʼ exhibits and participate in seminars, in which the latest energy-efficiency solutions, global trends toward increased efficiency, electrical products and solutions are presented.