Edvardas TaraseviciusWe are glad to introduce Mr. Edvardas Tarasevičius who was appointed as new Managing director of SLO Lithuania, UAB on the 16 th of October, 2018.

In the past, Edvardas was leading such well known lithuanian companies as Tetas, UAB and Litgrid Power Link Services, UAB. We also believe that his long lasting experience in managerial posisions at Schneider Electric Lietuva, UAB will help to improve SLO Lithuania‘s position in utility and industry sectors.

Alfredas Babkovskis, after four years of being Managing director at SLO Lithuania, will continue his career path in Sonepar group. Starting from 1 st of November, 2018 he will become the Director of international lighting market in Geneva‘s Sonepar International Services. We wish Alfredas best of luck in reaching his goals.

Congratulations and good luck to the new Managing director of SLO Lithuania Mr. Edvardas Tarasevičius.

“SLO Lithuania“, UAB