Return the products back is approved by the Minister of Agriculture Republic of Lithuania on 2001 June 29. Order no. 217 "return and exchange approval of the rules" and other.

Purchase of defective product, you have the right to require the vendor to replace the product of sufficient quality product, reduce the price or return the product for your money. If you buy poor quality non-food items, the legislation provides for the possibility to request removal product defects, or to pay the costs if the buyer removes the disadvantages. Of course, this provision applies only if the goods are poor of quality.


You can return or require the replacement not only of poor quality, but also the right quality of goods. Ministry of Civil Code 6362 str.1 point declare that the buyer has the right within fourteen days of non-food items referred to it, if the seller has established a longer term cliams are no longer accepted, change the items purchased for the purchase or other similar vendor specified at different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns or the completed items. Also approved the list of goods this does not apply, ie the acquisition of the Minister of Economy in 2001 29 June Order no. 217 "The return and change the Rules for the goods, there is no requirement for a seller of these goods. 




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